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What is the EDPG Löcknitz?

EDPG Löcknitz is the name of the school which I visited from grade 7 to 12. The complete name is “Europaschule Deutsch-Polnisches Gymnasium Löcknitz”, or in english “European German-Polish high school Löcknitz”.


What is the history?

Since the year of 2016, where I joined this school, the existing website didn't always meet the standards of the modern web. In 2020, the teacher in charge of our site decided to let me design the new website of the EDPG Löcknitz, which I did.

Since end of March 2021, the new design and functionality of the EDPG Löcknitz homepage has been adapted and now supports not only Mobile devices, but it also meets most modern web standards of 2020/2021.


What did I do?

My task was/is it, to provide the best possible UI/UX for the website and optimize it for all web standards used all around the world.


If you want to take a look at what I have done to create an amazing new experience for my high school, visit

Be aware, as the EDPG Löcknitz is an german high school, the page is currently only available in german.

Last updated on 7/8/2021 at 17:30

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